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We adopted our puppy from Chaalo in July 2011.  Zeek (then Caden and about 3.5 months old) was such a good looking boy!  The first
thing we noticed about him was his playfulness, albeit tempered with smart caution.  He had a bit of a wait and see attitude.  But once he
was satisfied everything was cool, he would jump right in.  We came to TB Rotties on two separate occasions before we decided to take our
boy home.  Chaalo was very patient with us as we went back and forth trying to make the right decision.  He was also very knowledgeable
about the individual puppies as well as the breed as a whole.  He took the time not just to sell us a puppy, but to help us find which puppy
best suited our lifestyle and would make a seamless transition into our family life.  I am so thankful that we took his advice.
I honestly cannot imagine ever bringing home a different puppy.  Zeek is smart, fun, loving and truly my best friend.  He loves to go on long
walks with me and is happy to just sit for an hour with me outside while I drink coffee and read the paper on Sundays.  He is equally happy
to run down the ball in a good game of fetch.  He is protective of the house, yet knows how to behave himself like a perfect gentleman out in
public.  I want to thank Chaalo and TB Rotties for breeding such a beautiful pup.  Zeek brings so much joy to our family.  I would highly
recommend TB Rotties to anyone who is shopping for a Rottie pup!

Tanya Miller
Atlanta, GA
updating me with pictures of the puppies, answered all my questions, and was always very courteous throughout the process.  I even paid him an
unexpected visit (1 hour notice) to see my puppy and I was very pleased with the facility and how he entertained all my questions for 3 hours!!!!!  Now
to get to the main reason you are inquiring about Tbrotties, the Rottweilers.  My Rottweiler Samson is magnificent!!  He looks great for one and far
exceeds the breed's standard.  On top of all that he is so smart and is friendly to everyone. At 12 weeks old he already knows 9 different commands.  I
for one would definitely refer anyone looking for the best Rottweilers around to TBrotties

We were fortunate enough to meet Chaalo after having a bad experience with another breeder.  Chaalo was there for us, giving us advice
We were fortunate enough to meet Chaalo after having a bad experience with another breeder.  Chaalo was there for us, giving us advice
puppy, and went out of his way to make sure our new family member would be a great fit. And he was right! When we brought home Kyra,
and support every step of the way, even though we had not purchased a puppy from his company. When we finally made the decision to a
nervous, but I can honestly say Chaalo was honest, forthcoming, and went out of his way to make sure we had a good experience. He
restored our faith in breeders! We recommend him without reservation, and look forward to using him again when we decide to bring home
our second Rottie!

S. Newman
Hello from Vancouver Canada,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of are hearts for the opportunity to have Fancy in our lives. We have re-named her Dixie but do occasionally
call her "Fancy Face."  She is a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament.  She has adjusted easier than we would have expected, considering her long
journey to get to her new home.  We are enjoying every second we spend with her.  Please let me know if you would like some more follow up pictures as
she grows up. I would be happy to send you some.  I can only imagine the attachment you have will all your puppies.  

Thank you.
The Dallas Family

We love our puppy (mossimo) so very much.  He stayed asleep all night long the first night and already is so comfortable with us.  He is just perfect, very
smart and already seems to understand things you would't think a 9 week old puppy would.  We take him in the car and he loves it, and if you tell him to
sit he will. He will be starting school in a couple of  weeks and I'm sure he is going to be very easy to train.  He already goes outside to do his business,
how great is that! He is so loving and seems to take well to everyone. We could not be happier and you made the whole process so easy.  You were with
us every step of the way. Thanks again

Take care,
Joe and Donna
When our family first inquired about a rottweiler we looked for about 2 months and then got on the phone with purebred breeders.  Chaalo told me the
dog I was about to purchase would look like no other who I saw walk down the street; let me tell you, he was right!
Our Zeus has such a rich and silky smooth coat, perfectly symmetrical in every aspect.  Zeus is extremely intelligent,as well as beautiful and healthy.  
Zeus has the temperament of an angel.  The breeder, Chaalo, clearly knew what he was doing.  Zeus is the perfect rottweiler;  he has a beautiful head,
he is strong, he is well behaved, and a family favorite.
We would recommend TB Rottweilers to anyone interested in purchasing a rottweiler puppy.  Chaalo who is very knowledgeable about rottweilers has
been extremely helpful to us always taking the time to answer any questions we have had.  We are very happy with our puppy Zeus.  Thank you Chaalo.

Billy, Gina and Bill from Rhode Island
Hi Chaalo,
We are thrilled with our puppy, Roman. He's handsome, smart and a fast learner. He's only 11 weeks old and already knows his name, and the
commands.. come, stay, drop it, stop, sit, down and paw.  He loves to go for walks, to play and retrieve items.  He charms everyone he meets and is
adored by his new family, which includes 2 parents, 4 kids, 2 cats and another dog.  Thank you so much for breeding such an exceptional rottweiler...he
makes me wish I had gotten two!

Warm regards, Laura
making a profit and didn't care if I was choosing the right dog. I gave up looking for awhile and started educating myself about the breed. Then luckily I
came across chaalo's web site. He answered all of my questions and invited me to his home. I drove 4 hrs 1 way so we could choose the right male
breeder and I trust him. His follow up is superb. My next rottie will only come from him.

Thank you very much. Tb rotties.

The Hutson Family, Elgin,sc
"I purchased a puppy from TB Rotties in late 2011 from a litter between Brolie and Meeka.  I hoped for a dark mahogoney pup with good development.  
Manfred is now almost 7 months old and about 65-70 pounds.  He is very handsome, alert and good-natured.  I am very pleased with my pup with
regards to his health and intelligence.  He gets along well with my mixed-breed rescue and 2 little boys.  He likes to force his head into your lap and flop
onto his side...he can be pushy for affection, lol.  Chaalo has been right by my side throughout the purchase and maintaining contact to check in on
Manfred.  I highly recommend TB Rotties if you are looking for a healthy, intelligent rottie backed by a high integrity business."  

Joel Stutzman, Chester Springs, PA
When we decided our 10 year old son could get his own dog, we let him choose the breed. After much research, on his part, he had
narrowed the search to a Rottie or a Lab. I spoke with Chaalo and told him I wanted Joshua to meet his dogs and get an understanding of
the breed and their temperament, up close!  Chaalo was so patient.  We stayed at his house for a few hours while he tirelessly answered
completely house trained and weighs 21 lbs.  But most importantly, she is very sweet, playful, loving and doesn't want Joshua out of her

The McGonagill Family
him so much and everybody in my family loves him. He is a good puppy and easy to train. He is a playful puppy and he is happy all the time. He is
constantly getting checked by the vet. Kilo's vet likes him a lot; I get complements from the vet and his staff. He is a healthy puppy.
If you are looking for a Rottweiler puppy, Chaalo has the best puppies out there. They are healthy and great looking.  After a year or two, I finally
decided to buy my puppy Kilo from Chaalo. He took care of everything.  Chaalo is very honest. He will guide you and he’ll answer any questions that
you might have about your pup. My experience with TB Rotties was great. I can't wait to get another one of his excellent Rottweilers. I am impressed,
he breeds the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

He is a 5 star breeder!!!  Thank  you Chaalo.

Mario T. from Alma Ga
We purchased Loki from TB Rottweilers in April 2012 and we are truly thankful we found TB Rottweilers. Chaalo is very knowledgeable on this breed
and a great help when needed. Our puppy has been well mannered, very submissive, calm, and well socialized. Loki has been a great addition to our
family. Thanks again Chaalo!

The Mosley Family